We appreciate our patients taking the time to share their experience with Vidaful Medicine. We are committed to blending the best of traditional medicine with the fundamentals of naturopathic principles.

Dar Chayse

I have been searching for a wellness center that provides Ozone Therapy. To my delight, I found a clinic that no only offers various Ozone modalities, and price ranges but you also get access to Dr Sorge. She puts the human element back into wellness."

Janet Hartman

Dr. Sorge really takes the time to hear what's going on with you and doesn't minimize what you're going through. She has many resources that'll guide you through the process. Dr. Sorge is a wonderful, caring, informative and compassionate person. Our visits have always been positive with great results. Staff is very patient and helpful.

I highly recommend her.

Naomi Leamon

Dr. Sorge and the staff at Vidaful are incredible. I feel like family when I am there. They listen to all your concerns and provide many options for you to choose from, making clear the best ones. I have been battling auto immune issues for years and the staff at Vidaful has given me the tools to feel like me again. My children, husband and I have done IV therapy, Ozone therapy, Hyperbaric chamber, Vitamin therapy and so much more.

Patrick Kedra

Very good, I’m happy. I've been to a few places but this one is the best, it is modern and well-equipped. The products they use are very good quality. I recommend.


Vidaful does many therapies that actually help you get healthy. Beautiful clean facility to relax in while you do your therapy or treatment. I plan on doing all of them.

Dar Chayse

Dr Sorge truly cares about her patients and their chronic, long-term suffering. She got into this line of business because she wanted to provide treatments that have a truly successful outcome! I just started with Dr Sorge and I am feeling very hopeful!

Doreen Vermeulen Hoskins

You definitely have a great asset to your area, but miss her here in PA.


The entire process was discreet, fast and painless. The results keep getting better in time. Everyone should give themselves a chance to be young again.

Lori Hamilton

Thank goodness Dr. Sorge opened Vidaful here in Naples. The services offered fill avoid that has been needed in this area for a long time. The facility is state of the art, welcoming and comfortable.It is unusual to find someone that cares SO deeply. Dr. Sorge makes each of us feel that we are in exceptionally capable hands while providing compassion and giving us confidence that we are under the care of a highly qualified expert.

I wholeheartedly recommend Vidaful to anyone in need of specialized care for illness or for achieving wellness goals.

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