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We begin with a compassionate assessment of your body’s needs, deficiencies, and strengths through a physical exam, medical history and health questionnaire, urine test, and blood test covering over eighty individual reports.

Our specialized analysis of the data is to mark in time how your various organ systems are performing on a graded scale between functionality and dysfunction. By determining which direction your body is currently moving, disease and health are predictable and improvement is attainable with modified energy and attention.

Our recommendations are then individually qualified by your unique personal attributes and directed intelligently toward definitive improvement.

​We empathize that becoming more aware of ourselves can be more challenging at particular mile markers throughout the lifecycle. Effective functional testing is the first and most necessary step to slow inevitable decline and move you with hope toward intentional progress. We understand and want to offer the good news of solutions that really work for you.

Here are many of the conditions we treat:

Anti-Aging * Repairing nerve damage * Reducing recovery time * Lessening physical pain without medication * Improving mobility * Repairing skin wounds * Helping to create new, healthy tissue for the heart and blood vessels * A reduced chance of suffering a similar future injury * Increased collagen * Repairing ligament and tendon tears * Repairing lung tissues * Improving brain function * Acne * ADD/ADHD * Allergies * Arthritis * Asthma * Body Odor * Brittle Hair * Brittle Nails * Chest Pain * Chronic Fatigue * Cold Hands and Feet * Colitis * Memory Lapses * Hypertension * Spastic Colon * Headaches * Multiple Sclerosis * Fibromyalgia * Irritable Bowel * Mouth Sores * Nausea * Peripheral Neuropathies * Peptic Ulcer * Potbelly * Poor Posture * Seizures * Muscle Pain * Joint Aches * Skin Rashes * Toxic Environmental Exposure * Toxic Occupational Exposure * Pigmentation

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