HOCATT Therapy

HOCATT™ stands for Hyperthermia Ozone Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology. Hyperthermia means your body is raising its internal temperature. That raises your metabolic rate and burns fat cells and kills microbes causing infections.

The HOCATT™ device looks like a ceramic pod. After sitting on the chair, the doors are closed with your head outside the pod, allowing you to view everything happening in the room. A soft towel supports your neck as you breathe in oxygen through an oxygen mask.

While you’re in this position, your body is being worked on from the inside of the pod. Steam fills the inside but it’s not as hot as a sauna. As your skin heats up, the healing effects begin. Pulsed EMF enters your cells from the back and infrared heat fills the pod from near the floor. Your cells breathe in ozone, and the extra oxygen combines with the steam to form carbonic acid that brings stress relief. You’re in the pod for 30 minutes.

​You’ll feel light, refreshed, and clean on the inside and outside. You’ve been detoxified, rejuvenated, oxygenated, and are deeply relaxed, happy, alert and WELL. Each session deepens these feelings and life takes on new meaning.

A clinic with HOCATT offers total body wellness in the fraction of time it normally takes.

You always make choices in health. Maybe you are trying to overcome an illness or reverse aging. You could soon come to a point where it’s time to make choices. Treatments A, B, and C will help the most but your personal funds only allow you to get treatment A this month, B next month, and treatment C only when A and B are finished. 

Not anymore… since HOCATT™ treatment has come to Vidaful Medicine in Naples, Florida. It’s the first type of medical treatment equipment that actually combines not 2 or 3 powerful treatments but 10 treatments all at the same time, saving you time of getting individualized treatments as well as money for all of them.

​It’s actually the ultimate holistic approach toward wellness, and that’s why athletes, top executives and even motivational speakers like Tony Robbins  - all champions in their own right – count on HOCATT to keep them at the top of the heap.

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